Why I Think The “Biggest Loser” Is The Biggest Joke.

WARNING: This article may rub some people the wrong way but as a fitness professional I need to write it. As much as I love to see people transforming their lives for the better, and people becoming ‘inspired’ to improve their life, I really find it hard to agree with the concepts and misleading information on the biggest loser. Most of my clients know my feelings towards this show.

With all the glowing coverage and praise, the average viewer is starting to think ‘The Biggest Loser’ somehow represents the indomitability of human spirit and the triumph of modern bariatric medicine. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a ‘made-for-TV’ spectacle that has morphed into a cruel hoax being sold to the typical overweight person of this day and age, an individual desperately looking for the weight loss secret. This show represents a dangerous and unrealistic way to lose weight. Talk about two steps forward and three steps back!

‘The Biggest Loser’ is reality programming at its finest- Depicting There’s nothing real about it ladies and gentlemen. This is a reality TV show where people have no responsibilities or commitments like a job and family to look after. They have very little temptations to avoid like drive-thrus or the chocolate isle of the supermarket. They are dangerously pushed to their physical limits in ways which are highly detrimental to their health. They don’t show you the behind the scenes where the contestants dangerously dehydrate and remove salts from their bodies in order to get the smallest number on the scales every week. By not showing this and promoting its all about healthy eating and exercise they are essentially lying to you. These are not ideal or real health and exercise tips portrayed in this show, the end result for contestants may become counter-productive to one’s weight loss goals.

So who really is the biggest loser in this situation? EVERYONE…..well everyone except the money hungry networks who are feeding these lies to people. The contestants are put through hell which will probably do them more harm than good.  In reality human beings cannot lose this much weight in one week without dangerously manipulating your body and practically. After the contest practically all of the contestants spring back to their pre contest weight or heavier, leaving them feeling like failures. There are a rare few that are able to keep the weight off but they are the rare exception and not the overwhelming norm.  The viewers who are apparently ’inspired’ by this dramatic weight loss soon have their motivation and dreams crushed when they find out  they cannot lose anywhere near as much weight as those on TV. They buy up on cleverly marketed products (naturally endorsed by ‘The Biggest Loser’) which they hope will be the magic elixir they need, only to be let down once again. These poor souls end up blaming themselves and return to their self-destructive ways.

If we strip away the manipulative footage editing and emotional backing music to this ‘journey’ we will see this is simply a survival of the fittest show. Contestants compete against, endure and manipulate each other all while bullying their bodies into rapid weight loss. There is nothing positive about it. For one person to succeed, another must fail. The biggest concern is that these shows do not show humanity at its best and reinforces horrible morals.

Sure it’s fun to see those great transformations on the grand finale show but at what cost and what are the odds these people keep the weight off? As I mentioned above, these people have been in weight loss paradise without a care in the world. Once they are back in the real world chances are in all comes crashing back down as they find themselves in WORSE shape than they were. I can’t imagine how that effects them emotionally. To the few that are able to maintain their shape, I congratulate them. Well done to them.

‘The Biggest Loser’ as it seems, is definitely an unrealistic TV drama. So audiences, if you want honesty, don’t look to people who can make money by lying to you. It’s easy to see that the goals of the producers of ‘The Biggest Loser’ show concerns only for entertaining the public, to watch their ratings soar to infinity and beyond.

So audiences I ask you this… why waste your time with this TV junk food?!!


  1. Hello there – Nice to read your blog. While watching cricinfo India vs Australia, I just switched on the tele Channel 10 “The Biggest Loser” was on and I meediately switched to Raymond. 🙂

    If anything these to-be “Biggest Losers” need to do is to read some science, read some scientific journals; ask themselves questions: Why person next door eat more “calories” not doing any exercise and do not get even one pound of weight? Why some of them only put weight in their bellies; why families with lean people most likely remain lean in their generations; what triggers fat tissue to grow in the body; etc etc.

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