Bosco Cricket

As a player for Bosco Cricket for nearly 20 years i want to put back in to the club what i have got out. LGB Fitness is sponsoring Bosco Cricket Club. I have come up with a way for me to help the club even more through the way of sponsorship.

As mentioned before LGB Fitness runs Engadine Women’s Boot Camps and have taken off with ladies wanting to achieve their fitness goals. It’s a great way to reduce future health risks and get in shape. Boot Camps currently run every month, 3 times a week. Morning and Evening camps. Women are getting great re-sults in a friendly and fun environment.


LGB Fitness is going to sponsor The Bosco Cricket Club $50 for every initial Woman who participates in Engadine Women’s Boot Camps. By getting yourself Fit and Healthy you will be supporting the Bosco Cricket Club. So get behind the club, bring yourself and a friend. This is a great chance for LGB Fitness to give to the club and a great chance for you to get fit and at the same time support you child’s sporting club

The next Boot Camp starts on the 28th of March 2011. Please check the website for more in-formation.