The winter training has been fantastic at LGB Fitness.

New members are coming on board and everyone’s training has gone to another level.

Throughout the month of July, LGB Fitness has this fantastic winter fitness special. It gives a chance for current members to receive something for their efforts and to help get someone’s fitness kick started as well.

Bring a friend along to our 4 week Boot Camp term and you will receive half price off your next boot camp. That’s 2 weeks FREE training for getting a friend to participate at our Boot Camps. You will only pay $98.50 for your next Boot Camp.

Bring 2 Friends along to participate in a 4 week Boot Camp term and receive your next Boot Camp completely FREE.


If you are someone that is in the middle of a Boot Camp package and you take advantage of this then you will be discounted off your Boot Camp once your package has finished.

Terms and Conditions.

Referrals need to be confirmed throughout the month of July and the discount only applies with referrals who start in the month of July.

If your next Boot Camp falls in August you will still receive the discount for your next Boot Camp