Client Field Day

On Saturday the 28th of May 2011 we ran our LGB Fitness Member client field day. It was great fun and everyone did really well. On Saturday we all met at Greenhills in cronulla and all headed up to the sand dunes. For some and most members this was the first time they had experience the sandhills and the mighty burn you get from running them. Some were puffing, some were crawling, some were just ready to pack it in. That is exactly the feeling i wanted them to feel and they did a tremendous job.
After the excitement of the sand hills finished we all headed back and made our way up to Rydges where we had a breakfast function for everyone. This was a chance for everyone to fill that appetite they grew from running the dunes.

To all LGB Fitness members and family who attended i want to say a big thank you and congratulations for coming to the event. We put this event for you to show our thanks for your loyalty and support to LGB Fitness. We will look at running another event like this in a couple of months.

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