Boost Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat With The Supplement You’ve Never Heard Of…

We all know how tough dieting can be.

And if it wasn’t tough enough, it gets even harder as you age. That’s because your resting energy expenditure decreases significantly as you get older. Simply put, you burn less calories on a daily basis than your younger counterparts. The good news is, new research shows that a very unlikely supplement can naturally “boost” your resting metabolic rate – increasing the daily number of calories (and the amount of fat) you burn, even at rest.

I’ll bet you never guess what it is! 🙂

It’s a seaweed extract called fucoxanthin (pronounced fyoo-koh-zan-thin). It’s fat burning powers were discovered by accident, when Japanese marine biologists were studying the effects of fucoxanthin on animals. They found that mitochondrial uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) was expressed in white adipose (fat) tissue.[1].

Translation: fucoxanthin can “switch on” the fat-burning potential of white fat. That means you can safely increase your metabolic rate and enhance your body’s fat-burning ability. Your body has two kinds of fat – white fat and brown fat. Brown fat is used to generate body heat. It actually uses your body’s energy stores to create heat by “burning” the energy stores (thermogenesis.) And while it did this in animals, researchers wanted to find out if fucoxanthin did the same thing in humans. Early studies suggest it does, quite well.

The study, published in the January 2010 issue of the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism found that fucoxanthin is remarkable when it comes to weight loss. Obese, non-diabetic women who took fucoxanthin for 16 weeks (with a controlled, 1,800 calorie diet) dropped an average of 15 pounds.

The placebo group (also on a controlled, 1,800 calorie diet) only dropped three! [2]

Fucoxanthin is showing promising results as a safe, natural fat-burner. If interested and would like to order this product please get in touch with us. It could give you the little extra “oomph” you need to drop that last little bit of fat. But remember, nothing should ever take the place of a solid weight training/cardio program, combined with proper nutrition.

Fucoxanthin should only be used in addition to these healthy habits to boost your fat loss efforts.



1. Maeda H, Hosokawa M, Sashima T, Funayama K, Miyashita K. Fucoxanthin from edible seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida, shows antiobesity effect through UCP1 expression in white adipose tissues. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Jul 1;332(2):392-7.

2. Abidov M, Ramazanov Z, Seifulla R, Grachev S.”The effects of Xanthigen in the weight management of obese premenopausal women with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and normal liver fat.”Diabetes Obes Metab. 2010 Jan;12(1):72-81. Epub 2009 Oct 13.


  1. David Hutchinson says

    An interesting article. Are other areticles re: the effects of this plant chemicals available? Have othwers replicated the studies noted in the references?

  2. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after browsing through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
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